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Recent Minutes

 Minutes of the Melbecks Parish Council meeting held on Thursday November 29th 2018 at Low Row Institute

The Parish Council meeting was held on Thursday November 29th 2018 at Low Row Institute.

Present were Councillors Calvert, McCartney, Silver and Crapper, with

Cllr R. Alderson presiding. Also present was RDC Councillor Blows and County Councillor John Blackie. The Clerk was Miss N. Adams. There were two members of the public present.

1. Apologies for absence.

No apologies were received, all were present.

2. Declaration of Interests.

None declared.

3. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes were agreed to be a correct record and they were signed by the Chair.

4. Matters Arising.

a) Trees on the B6270 near Robin Gate down to Whita Bridge have now been trimmed back which has greatly improved visibility.

b) Pub is the Hub. Cllr Crapper has spoken to the King Arms in Gunnerside to see if they are interested in providing Wifi access, and they will contact Cllr Crapper if they are interested in going ahead.

c) Children Playing signs. Cllr Crapper has tried to contact the Parish meeting at Hawkswick to find out about their signage, however he has been unable to get in touch yet. Cllr Blows advised that he will try and find out more information in the next few weeks.

d) Public toilets. A request was made for the income figures for the toilets in Gunnerside and Cllr Blows advised that the amount received for Gunnerside toilets up until the end of October was £425.

e) To consider a closed committee to discuss planning application: R/05/145E.

RA proposed a closed committee to discuss this planning application. Councillors agreed for this to take place and it will be discussed at the end of the meeting.

5. Finance

a) Precept. It was agreed to request a precept of £2500 to cover the possible cost of the election if contested.

b) Upper Dales locality budget

County Cllr John Blackie advised that each year County Councilors have a Locality Budget, which this year has been doubled to £10K, to be shared amongst the parish councils. Parish Councils can apply to this fund for bids of up to and around £500 each, for various projects for example seats, defibrillators etc. Cllr Blackie requested that if there are any possible projects that the deadline is the end of January.

d) Area Partnership Funding scheme. It was confirmed that the Parish Council had applied to this scheme for the Low Row Institute and £935.14 has been awarded.

6. Highways

The clerk was asked to report the following:

a) Potholes outside the Low Row Institute.

b) Cattle grid at Peat Gate which was previously cleared but this does need doing again as it has filled up very quickly.

At West End Cottage, Gunnerside, the manhole cover has been replaced. It is not certain if it has been rodded yet, but it has not overflowed recently. This will be monitored.

7. Richmondshire District Council

a) Six-month rule. It was noted that any casual vacancy that arises in the parish council within six months of the end of the councilors term, will not be subject to an election to fill the vacancy.


No items.


a) Planning application – West Riddings, Low Row. The council raised no objections or comments.

b) Planning application – High Bents, Gunnerside. The council raised no objections or comments.

c) Planning application – High Gill House, Low Row. The council raised no objections or comments.

10. AOB

a) Request for No-Through Road sign, Melbecks House, Low Row

A letter has been received from a resident of Low Row to request a ‘No Through Road’ sign and “Access to Melbecks House and Melbecks Cottage ONLY’ sign be placed at the start of the track where it leaves the Council maintained road just West of the Low Row Institute. There have been several instances where vehicles follow this track, which they then slip off. This could be extremely dangerous if the vehicle was to roll down the bank and end up blocking the road, as well as potentially injuring the driver, or anyone else who happened to be on the road at the time.

The council had no objection to a sign going up, but as it is not a Highways maintained road NYCC would unlikely to get involved. It was agreed that the resident should contact Bill Emms, Low Row Pasture Committee to seek approval and a sign could go up if they are in agreement. The clerk to write back to the resident.

b) Ash die-back

Ash die-back is confirmed in Swaledale and it is expected that 99% of ash trees will die. The trees tend to get brittle inside and they can fall very quickly, which is likely to be a problem in the future and could be very dangerous. Cllr McCartney has tried to contact the YDNPA ranger Michael Briggs to check their policy on this, and is awaiting a response.

11. Date of the next meeting

The next meeting will be held at Gunnerside Village Hall on Thursday February 7th 2019 at 7.30pm. As there was no other business, the meeting closed at 8.25pm.

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